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Have you got an action plan in place for your business unit based on the strategic vision of your business? In the current climate it is reasonable to look at a three year strategy. Two years based on very tough economic conditions and then being ready for the third year for an upturn on the economy.

Large businesses have a clear central strategy, mission statement, vision and set of values that are devolved from the Board. Each business unit needs to determine how they can implement that strategy in order to add value to the business.

Matrix works with senior management, teams and key members of staff either in groups or individually to help them to maximise their performance in line with the business strategy.

Through group facilitated sessions, short term consultancy assignments or one-to-one mentoring, Matrix can bring out the very best performance from individuals, teams and business units.

Do you track your progress with key performance indicators (KPI’s)? Are they the right ones for your business? Do they measure more than financial results? Are they properly defined and understandable? Do staff know how they can contribute to raising the standard each month? Does management take decisive action on the information?

Matrix works with senior management and staff to help businesses survive the economic downturn and move forward based on an useable action plan and effective KPI tracking.

Benefits: whilst strategy is important, its implementation is vital. Decisive action and the tracking of results is essential if the business is to move forward, be successful and reap the appropriate rewards for the owners.

Strategic Review and Implementation

“Wait for the future to happen and you will have no future”

Watts Wacker