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Matrix Consultancy delivers cost effective solutions to the directors and managers of companies of all sizes.

Primarily we advocate that a business should have three year strategy.

Strategy review and implementation: it is essential for the directors and owners of the business to formulate and agree on the company’s strategy. Through facilitated sessions, Matrix Consultancy can focus the leadership team on the important issues for the future.

It is then important that the directors determine the KPI’s and instil a discipline of monitoring and action to keep the business on track.

High Performing Teams: It’s essential that teams are not only effective but high performing in order to give a maximum contribution to the business. Through sessions with team leaders and with the whole team, Matrix Consultancy can ensure that the team is fully aligned with the business strategy and, through improved team dynamics, achieve superior results.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring: Matrix Consultancy provides a bespoke and confidential service of coaching and mentoring to directors and senior managers and rising stars to improve their personal performance and contribution to the business.

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